Finally, a way to Unlove Someone

Unloving someone is impossible? That’s what you always think right? But you’re wrong! You can always unlove someone and love again.

“Unloving someone is the process of loving yourself again”

You don’t have to be in love with someone who made you fall only to crush your heart. It’s your continuous decision to give him/her the power over you. You fill your thoughts with all the happy memories you had with him/her; but let me tell you, these memories are long gone and it will never happen again. Waiting is a virtue, but waiting for it to happen again is just plain stupid. If he/she really loves you, then they won’t be able to bear seeing you in pain, much more to be the cause of your suffering.

Remember, love is not a game where you can restart again and again. And to tell you the truth, quitting it is just as hard as fixing your broken relationship.

So how do we unlove someone?


Just click delete! That’s the 1st step to move on. Click delete to everything that has something to do with them.

You might be holding on to these things for a very long time and you want to keep them because they are useful or special and you don’t want to throw something that has a sentimental value. But let me tell you this again, everything from the past that you choose to keep are the chains that keep holding you back from enjoying the best out of your life. Once you have dispose of it, it will hurt for a few days or weeks; but after that, you will be one step closer from moving on.

If you’re wondering what are the things you should delete, then here’s a list: your password that has something to do with them, your sweet pictures together, your matching clothes, the stuffed toys he/she gave, and everything that reminds you of him/her. Delete it.

Oops, you don’t want to delete it? Why? Because you’ve always fantasize the day that he/she will come running back to you, and you will tell him/her all the things you kept because you still love him/her. Really? just hit delete. The power to unlove is in your hands, you just don’t want to.


Deleting is not enough. You’ll just be stuck on the memories that can’t be deleted and all day you will be like a zombie daydreaming on what life would look like if you ended up with him/her. That’s why you have to insert! Insert new people in your life, new hobbies, new passion, and most of all, insert love for your self. Know that by loving the past, you are hating the present. And happiness will never come where hate resides, so don’t let your happiness come from all your painful memories that’ can’t be deleted.

That’s right, your memories with them can’t be deleted, but you can fill your life with new experiences, new people and new places. By inserting these in your life, your past can be overwritten.

Yes, it’s a fact that you have loved him/her before; but know that you can always stop loving that someone.

Mr. Crappy Tips

  1. Delete
  2. Insert
  3. Find a place where you can just let go. I suggest you take a staycation and rethink all your plans and decisions in unloving that someone. Maybe this site could help: Find the cheapest place to relax your heavy heart.

Remember, you must come up with a firm decision after taking that staycation.

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5 thoughts on “Finally, a way to Unlove Someone

  1. You know Mr. Crappy i like it i really do because in other way around i had just evaluate myself like why am i still holding why am i always looking back in fact theres so many people in front of me who loves me. But yeah thank you I can say now im on the right tract. Im still confuse if ever he will come back wat am i gonna do yes i do still love him but no i dont want to relive the pain. I love what i am right now where i am right now and people who surrounds me.

  2. Thank you so much for writing this. I like it i really do it make me self evaluate how far i have gone for the last two years i know its long ago but for its still like yesterday. I do still have feelings for him but no im not gonna relive the pain. I love what i am right now where i am and those people who help me to stand up again. Thank you again 😊

    1. Hi Eddah, I’m glad to here that 🙂 There’s always a reason why we lose them, and that’s because life is teaching us a lesson, or life is telling us that there’s someone better or something better is coming in your life. Remember that the only way to move on is to accept things; and once you’ve done that, you will learn to be happy for the people you once loved. Believe me, the pain will always be there, but it can be forgotten by all the happy memories you will yet to experience. 🙂

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