Baler Itinerary, 2 days and 1 night

Dive and surf into the place of love – Baler, Philippines! Read more and save your Baler itinerary for 2 days and 1 night!

Baler Itinerary - Beach

Baler Itinerary for 2D1N

Did you know that Baler is often called the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”? I bet you already know that; but for sure you don’t know that surfing isn’t the only thing you can enjoy here! In fact, you may even fall in love in Baler even without surfing!

And by the way, going here is a perfect way to clear your troubled heart because the waves can wash away all your worries and give you a clear mind.


3AM – Trip to Baler, Philippines

Note: You can also ride the Genesis Bus from their Bus Terminal at Cubao. Daily trip starts from 3AM to 7:30AM.

9AM – Time of arrival.

9AM-10AM – Brunch!

10AM – Check-in and start your Baler Tour!

Note: You can ride the tourist tricycle near the Bus Terminal. The cost of the tour will be around P600 – P1,000. I suggest you start the tour as early as possible or you will miss a lot of destinations.

7PM – End of tour.

2nd Day

6AM – Learn how to surf or you can also just relax and watch the waves of Baler move back and forth!

1PM – Say bye bye to Baler.

Note: You can also view The Pinay Solo Backpacker’s Baler Travel guide for a more detailed itinerary and budget. But, I also placed our recommended budget near the end of this blog, enjoy!

Baler Itinerary destinations:

Baler Mother Falls

Remember when I told you that surfing isn’t the only thing to look out for in here? Well, you might really fall in love in Baler’s Mother Falls! Hike it for just around 20-40 minutes! Don’t worry; you just need to walk on a lot of stones and wooden bridges to hike it. There are no life-threatening paths going to the falls.

Note: No hiking after 4PM, so plan ahead and make sure to include the Mother Falls in your Baler Itinerary!

Baler, Philippines

Hike it even if you feel tired, because you’ll feel the gush of cold breeze that will recharge and refresh your body and soul!

Baler, Philippines

Museo de Baler

Take time to know the history of Baler and you will be surprised by the stories of love and war of this historical land. Museo de Baler also showcases a lot of paintings and artifacts that are picture-worthy!


Baler, Philippines - Museo

Baler Catholic Church

This is where the epic battle happened. Imagine that Filipinos and Americans combined forces but they weren’t able to drive away the Spaniards that took shelter in this church for almost a year – July 1898 to June 1899.

Baler, Philippines - Church

Baler Hanging Bridge

Look where you are stepping… or not. Either you cross this bridge while looking down, or just hold on to the ropes tightly while crossing the Baler Hanging Bridge!

Baler, Philippines - Hanging Bridge

Ermita Hill

It’s a hill with an overlooking view for tourists and travelers! But did you know that back then, Ermita Hill is called the Land of Hope? Last December 1735, the tsunami “tromba marina” hit Baler and flooded the whole city in just probably  less than an hour. The whole Baler drowned into the water except for the people and animals that were able to climb up the Ermita Hill.

Diguisit Rock Formations

Do you like rocks? Well even if you don’t, you will still love capturing the beauty of the rocks in Diguisit Rock Formations! These are the rocks that are formed by the waves of Baler for maybe around a million years! Just remember, a picture is not worth your life!

Baler, Philippines - Diguisit Rock Formations

Baler, Philippines -Diguisit Rock Formations

Balete Tree of Baler

Baler tree is a 600-year old tree that stood still through the harsh weather and time. What’s more amazing is that you can climb up and see a breathtaking view!

Dicasalarin Cove

Finally, Dicasalarin Cove – a perfect beach for all the introverts! Dicasalarin is a private beach cove where you need to rent a van just to go into this place; or you can also ask your tourist tricycle. But most of the times, they will refuse to bring you here since the way is very steep and they won’t have any passenger on their way back. You also need to pay an extra P300 to enter this private cove.

Note: If you want to go here, you might want to consider making your trip in Baler for 3D2N or have breakfast and lunch while taking the tour! I suggest you include this on your Baler itinerary!


Recommended Budget for 2D1N:

Food: P600 / person
Transportation: P1,000 / bus
Tourist Tricycle: P800 / tricycle
Accommodation: P1,500 / room

Surfing lesson: P350/ hour
Miscellaneous: P1000

Total: P5,250 for 2 days and 1 nights / person

Mr. Crappy’s Tips

  1. Pack bottles of water and food meals before you go.
  2. Print the map and take down notes on how you are going to travel to Baler.
  3. Book as early as now! Visit websites that let you book hotels online. Some sites can really give big discounts. You can already canvass the price of your accommodation today! Visit this link: Here You can find the cheapest accommodation to any place you will travel!
  4. Have a safe trip!

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