Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Antipolo: finding happiness

We went to Cloud 9 just to see the clouds and the view; but then we found something more – a sky of happiness.

Cloud 9 = bridge

Finding Happiness

Happiness always finds a way to escape us, and seeking happiness will only leave us broken and miserable inside. The truth is, you can’t find happiness anywhere. You have to create your own happiness and find it within yourself.

So when life fills you with despair and sadness, just look in the mirror! If it doesn’t work (most of the times it doesn’t work), then go to Cloud 9 Antipolo and maybe, the breathtaking sky can help make you realize your worth and all the good things you didn’t know you have.


How to go to Cloud 9, Antipolo

Visit the heart of Quezon City – Cubao, and ride a van/FX at the terminal in Farmers near McDonalds and Goldilocks. It will bring you right at the entrance of Cloud 9. Ask the driver to drop you off at Cloud 9 because you may miss its cloudy entrance! Joking aside, if the van/FX is really going too fast, you may really miss Cloud 9’s entrance.

How to go to Cloud 9

Eat First at Cloud 9

Sorry, but not sorry to all those who are on diet; you have to eat first to cross the famous Hanging Bridge of Cloud 9! Unless you want to pay extra P50.00 just to cross it, then go on with your diet. (I’ll rather use it for food!) Tip: ask for the receipt and don’t lose it, you need it to cross the Hanging Bridge for free!

I can’t recommend anything for you to eat; but one thing is for sure, their Filipino cuisine can satisfy your cravings. Just don’t eat too much. Remember, you’ll still cross the famous Hanging Bridge of Cloud 9!

Cloud 9 food

Cloud 9

Hanging Bridge of Cloud 9

Breathe, and just walk forward. Sometimes, to find happiness, you have to keep moving forward. Don’t look back, it’s never an option. Seriously, don’t try to look back! Your knees might start trembling and you will never be able to cross the bridge. If you really want to reach the top, then just move forward.

The security will only allow 8-15 people to cross the bridge so as not to put much pressure on the old bridge. They will only allow the next batch to cross after all the people on the first batch reached the top. Pray that there’s no rain or storm when you go to Cloud 9. The wind will be too strong and it is very scary to cross the bridge; or worse, the security may not allow people to cross the bridge.

The velvet horizon, where else can you find this kind of view? Lucky for me, I always find my horizon beside me.

Cloud 9 Sky

Tip: Go to Cloud 9 very early or before sunset to see a breathtaking view.


When we thought our Cloud 9 adventure is coming to an end, here we are, enjoying the beauty of Art. Go to Cloud 9 and you will also see the artworks that are waiting for you when you go down.

Tip: after reaching the top, you don’t have to go down through the bridge again; you can take the stairs.

Crappy’s Recommended Budget:

Transportation: P100 (back and forth)
Food: P250 / person
Miscellaneous : P100

Total: P450.00

Mr. Crappy’s Tips

    1. Pack a bottle of water in your bag before you go to Cloud 9.
    2. Print the map and take down notes on how you are going to travel to Cloud 9.
    3. If you’re planning to have overnight in Antipolo, visit websites that let you book hotels online. Some sites can really give big discounts like Here you can compare prices for your accommodation anywhere you want to travel. Check it now!

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4. Lastly, take the challenge and climb the Cloud 9 bridge!


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