Maybe it’s not your fault why it didn’t work out

To all the brokenhearted,

Know that the error was never yours to begin with. They were never wrong to choose you. Don’t let mistakes, misfortunes, and breakups make you give up on love. Don’t let the past write your future. History will never repeat itself unless you didn’t learn anything from it. Know that it’s not your fault why it didn’t work out.

Three years from now you might still be the same person you were; broken, miserable, selfish, mean, self-centered, arrogant, rude, bossy, moody, immature, and insensitive. There’s nothing wrong with that, at the moment. Because when real love really hits someone, they will choose not to see the bad qualities you have. They will embrace your shortcomings and they will hug your insecurities. They will do everything just to make you feel that you are loved. And when the love you have is really real, you’ll know it and you will feel it.

There’s a small difference between a love that is real and an infatuation that feels like an addiction. It’s hard to know but one thing I can tell you, real love can make you feel secured.

But wait, maybe it’s not your fault why it didn’t work out; but maybe, just maybe, it’s your fault.

Remember when I told you that real love will try to do everything just to make the other one feel loved? If you are still the awful person you were after all the quarrels and disagreements you had with your special someone, then maybe it’s really your fault why it didn’t work out. You didn’t do everything to make them feel loved.

Maybe, you really didn’t fall in love and maybe, the love you have is not real enough for it to change you. Or maybe, you still haven’t met the one for you. Maybe, just maybe, you aren’t ready for love. If you know in your self that you are ready and you really have found the one for you, it will always work out.

Believe me, if the love you found was real and you feel in yourself that you have given everything you have, then it’s not your fault why your relationship didn’t work out. You may not be perfect, but…

Your best will always be enough
for someone who really loves you

You are not the one to blame for the actions they have made. If they find you lacking, then it’s not real love. But also remember, if you also find them lacking, then your love is also not real.

So don’t blame yourself for all the failed relationships you had. Please don’t turn your love into fear. Your eyes swelled and your lips begged, but your love was just swept by the wind. They silenced you by owning each word in the love dictionary; putting a curse on each promises so that you could only remember pain, agony, and bitterness. They replaced the words “sincerity” and “love” with “lies” and “fears”.

But always remember, it is not your fault why it didn’t work out. So just keep on believing love!

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