Why relationship don't work

Top 3 reasons why relationships doesn’t work

Top 3 reasons why relationships don’t work

Can you guess how many problems you’ll encounter after getting yourself into a relationship? I say you’ll encounter around 5 major problems and that’s it, you’ll find yourself falling out of love.

It’s not that you wanted to give up; it’s just that our heart can only take that much damage to lose interest, respect, and even care for a person.

Why relationship is so hard to maintain?

It’s like questioning “why can’t I fix a broken mirror?” By now you should have gotten my point. Your love is not an endless river washing every wound without a trace. No, it doesn’t work that way. Wounds don’t just disappear; you can’t say “let’s just forget everything and start over”. You can try, but I assure you, your heart doesn’t forget easily.

Hearts are fragile pieces, they easily break and they easily give up. But you can’t blame them, wounds leave scars. And every scar taints the beauty you once adored, making it hard to truly love someone.

“Relationship is like a broken mirror;
You either replace it, or you live with it”

Reasons why it didn’t worked out:


Oops! Before you react, let me explain! Maturity is not about being a “killjoy”. It’s about knowing how to put your heart below your brain. It is when you want something so badly, but you know the consequences, so you choose not to want it. It’s about knowing how to say no. It is about learning the art of sacrifice. It’s about learning how to smile and be happy on the little things you have.

Life won’t always give you what you want, and that’s where maturity plays its part. You have to accept whatever life throws at you, may it be bad situations, change of heart, quarrels, or family problems; you have to stand on your feet and be firm on your decision on loving that special person.


They say opposites attract. That’s 100% true for magnets, but not for people. It’s like when you want to go left, but your partner insists on going to the right. But of course, those who have a long-term relationship already learned how to compromise. But let me tell you this, compromising isn’t always the answer.

How long can you compromise for your love? How long will it take you to realize that you’ve wasted your time building up their dreams rather than yours? Love isn’t supposed to be selfish. Turn left and let her turn right, but don’t lose that special connection. Then, if the right time comes and you’re both willing to give up everything, that’s the time to travel the same road.


Remember how happy you were when your relationship was still new? Can you compare it to your current situation? Change is inevitable; especially when the problems you encountered created scars. Your heart will always long for the version of her who is beautiful. Sadly, only disappointment awaits your heart.

Relationship is like a broken mirror; you either replace it, or you live with it.


These are the three major problems you’ll encounter. Once you’ve learned to embrace “DIP” (Differences, Immaturity, Problems), you are ready for love. So, are you ready for love?


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