Vigan: Beauty of the past

Vigan: Beauty of the past

Beauty of the past

Who would have thought that the city of Vigan would survive all the wars that happened here? The houses, the structures, the buildings, and its culture; they were all preserved and are standing still up until today. It’s truly a wonder city that you can only see in the Philippines!

Did you know that the city of Vigan encountered countless scars, deception, treachery, disloyalty, and betrayals in the past? It became a ground for destruction. Thousands of people were killed, building were set on fire, shots were fired, and bombs tore families apart; but look at it now, with its frightening past, comes, a beautiful renewed city that is visited by people all around the world.

Vigan: Beauty of the past


How to go to Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Do you feel like you can relate to”Vigan”? Deceived, betrayed, fooled, and destroyed? Well, research says, it takes about 3 months to move on and it takes exactly 11 months before we start forgetting the pain. But we disagree on that. It only takes around 10 hours to go to Vigan, and that my friend is enough to lift your weary hearts. It’s a place that is very different from your hometown, so I assure you, this wonder city will give you the peace of mind that you are longing for.

Vigan: Beauty of the past

There are many ways to go to Vigan. You can either drive, take a bus, or book travel packages. If you’ll take a bus, you can take the Partas bus either in Cubao or Pasay. The fare is around P600 – P800, depending on what type of bus you will ride. Just a little tip, check their schedule first and if possible, buy tickets in advance so you are sure that you’ll have a slot.

Things to know when in Vigan:

– Tricycle fare is P10/pax
– The dancing fountain at Plaza Salcedo starts at 7PM
– It’s best to walk in Calle Crisologo at night, but you can also go by day to take pictures
– The best Empanada can be found here, read on to find out!


Vigan tour:

Tricycle Vigan tour – We recommend the tricycle Vigan tour if it’s your first time touring here. There’s a lot of tourist spots in here, so if you’ll take the Kalesa tour, it will take too much time and your fare can double up compared to the tricycle tour.

Fare: P500 –P800 / whole day

Kalesa Vigan tour – We recommend that you take the Kalesa Vigan tour just to experience it. It’s half the price compared to the Kalesa tour in Manila.

Fare: P150 / hr

Pictures in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Vigan: Beauty of the pastCalle Crisologo

Vigan: Beauty of the pastBaluarte ni Chavit

Vigan: Beauty of the pastHidden Garden

Vigan: Beauty of the pastCalle Crisologo

Vigan: Beauty of the pastBaluarte ni Chavit

Vigan: Beauty of the pastPot Making

Vigan: Beauty of the pastMr. and Ms. Crappy

We enjoyed Vigan the most out of our Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte trip. It was raining hard for 2 days straight, but luckily, the sun showed up on our 3rd day in which we were already in Vigan at that time.

From Laoag, we took a bus going to Vigan. We then took a tricycle going to our accommodation. The tricycle driver also offered us a tour, P500 for a half day tour, 2pm onward. We went to the museums and to Bantay Bell Tower to take pictures and know the history of Vigan. It is also worth mentioning that there are local photographers stationed at the entrance of  Bantay Bell Tower, and they were offering their services to everyone who enters the tower. I have to say, they can really take funny and interactive pictures for you and it will cost you a “donation”. That’s right, they will not charge you, but I’m sure you’ll give more than P100.00 after looking at the pictures they took.

After touring the museums and tower, we went to the Pottery Making, Hidden Garden, and Baluarte ni Chavit. These 3 places can complete your Vigan tour. Last but not the least, our tour dropped us in Calle Crisologo, the best way to end our trip. We walked around the street of Calle Crisologo, eat at Cafe Leona, and took our couple picture! 

Note: Never miss going to Calle Crisologo during the night, you’ll regret it, I tell you.


Irene’s Empanada

irene's Empanada

We just have to special mention Irene’s Empanada (main branch). I promise you, this is one of the best things we have experienced in our Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte trip. Too bad we weren’t able to get a picture of it because we were too hungry. But, we bought again the next day, but then again… forgot to take a picture because we’re drooling already to eat it. Just remember, Irene’s Empanada’s color is not bright orange and it looks smaller compared to the Empanadas sold in Ilocos.

Again, we won’t show you all the good places here in Vigan, it’s for you to discover. We’re just putting pictures that are enough to make you drool and make you schedule your trip to this wonderful city. It’s for your own good, just saying! If you are traveling alone and you still want a more detailed guide, you can visit Budget Guide to Ilocos Sur Trip.

Crappy’s Recommended Budget:

Transportation: P1300 – P1800 (back and forth)
Food: P600 / day
Tour: P700 / day
Accommodation: P700 / day
Miscellaneous: P200 /day

TOTAL: P4,000

Note: Remember, you still have Laoag and Pagudpud trip. If you’ll ask us, 4 days is enough to tour the important parts of Vigan, Laoag, and Pagudpud.

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