Good guys

Why the good guys will quit on you

Are you mature enough to love the good guys?

The good guys

Good guys don’t quit! Even though you don’t deserve it, they will stay. Good guys love unconditionally. Even though you commit mistakes, they forgive. Good guys are willing to wait. Even though it takes a lifetime, they will wait.

Good guys are martyrs for love. They will do everything just to see you smile and they will give you everything they have, but they will try not to expect something in return.  Good guys will listen to everything you have to say, even if you don’t listen to theirs. They will try to meet your demands, even if it’s absurd and a little bit weird.

A good guy will never leave you. Even if it only took a minute of disagreement to turn your back on him, he will chase you. He may put down his dreams just to build yours. A good guy may sometimes forget his meals, but he will never forget yours. He will stay loyal, he will still love you even if you lie, cheat, and try to change him to someone he is not. Good guys are fools.

Good guys will always cry at night because of you. They will give up their plans just to keep you. Good guys are good guys, they will never change.

If you are one of the lucky few who is with a good guy, please stop being their immature brat

That’s the reason why men quit being the good guy. You punish them for something they didn’t do and you treat them like they are wolves in a sheep’s clothing; you did something that a good guy will never do to you and you treat men like they are all the same, but they are not.

Don’t be blinded by love. You’ll know a good guy when you see them; and you’ll know someone who is not. Don’t hold on to hope when you can already see the deceit in their eyes. You’ll see it every time they don’t need anything from you. You’ll see it every time they are finish getting what they want. But sometimes, you’ll only see it when everything they said turns out to be a lie.

But it’s never a good reason for you to treat men like they are all the same; because all of us deserve a love that’s fair, a love that’s not inhabited by the bitter past. Everyone deserves someone whose definition of love is not “being loved”. Everyone deserves to be loved.

So, if you ever meet a good guy or you’re in a relationship with a good guy, love him for who he is, and not for what he can give. Don’t let the good guys quit on you.

Disclaimer: We all have different definitions of love. This is Mr. Crappy’s opinion and by the way, if ever you have a different view; Mr. Crappy would love to hear it.

“We’re all crappy people living in a crappy world”

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